Crushing Dissent: The Continuing War On Individualism

Losing Our Intelligence

When I was figuring out who I was, what I wanted to be and how to be that, I used to write down important ideas on a big board where I worked everyday. If I could get people to write something down where it would be seen several times a day it might be something like, “The most effective dissent is non-cooperation”.

When we go through the process of deciding and being who and what we want to be we benefit greatly by writing down the key ideas that come to us along the way. We write them down because it’s to easy to forget if we don’t. The world gets crazy when people don’t decide for themselves what’s right and wrong, what’s good for a society, what’s best for others and individuals and so on. If we ever let others decide for us – we’ve had it as individuals.

The people who want to decide what’s best for you are rarely, if ever, the best people for the job. This is because the best people for that job don’t want that job. Here’s another good key idea to add to the big board “Politics Is A Business”. If everyone understood this the world would be a better place for people to live. It’s really easy to put a bad government out of business once you realize it’s just a business – ┬ástop buying their product and, “Presto”, it’s over.

Want to stop International Banks from destroying our lives and our make believe economy (?) Stop buying their product. It’s the same with every evil out there. We always have the choice to cooperate or not. We have, in every instance, what we’ve agreed to.

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