Dealing With Broken Systems

Broken Systems

Too often I run into something new and not improved. I understand the marketing theory I just don’t like it. I don’t like getting used to something, knowing how to navigate it then having it all change to something I have to learn and get used to all over again. I am a firm beleiver in “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

At the same time we have a system operating in the US and most of the industrialized world that’s broke – but no one is working on it, or even interested in fixing it. Here we have a system that is so broke it’s killing millions of people and the talking heads keep saying – there’s nothing wrong. They say this broken down killer is the best thing that ever happened to the people on this planet and we should all count our blessings and defend it with our lives.

It’s Our Political System

It’s completely broke and seriously dangerous. It’s a threat to every person on the planet. But nobody talks about it. People talk about the stuff the system makes possible: Wars, liars in charge of laws, crooks in charge of writing national and international policies, criminals running the federal reserve type banking system.

We hear about these things constantly. We hear about it so much and so often that we become numb to it. It numbs the mind. Some people get irate in response to the constant inanities passed off as expert commentary. Some people form activist groups. People work to combat the effects, the results, the consequences of the busted system. This can’t possibly do any long term good or create the lasting change these spirited people would like to see. All the work people are doing is being done within the confines of the broken system.

The problem the people of this planet face today is not the people who create war, death, disease and debt.  These people are able to effect the lives of everyone on the planet – because of the problem. They are not “the” problem. The “System” is “The” problem.

Not Seeing

What stands in the way of a solution is “Not Seeing” the problem. A lot of people see the problem as clear as day. A lot of people either don’t see it, or, they’re benefiting from it and are not willing to end their addiction to it – even if it means other people have to suffer and die. There are, of course, the ones who want people to suffer and die – but this too is a broken system issue – not the problem. The broken system allows this last group to rise to positions of control and influence giving them the ability to act out their psychosis.

The not seeing part is really key to the sustainability of this broken system. To insure that “enough” people don’t see what’s going on in front of them you have to create a delusional populace.

Creating A Delusional Populace

To do this you must be absolutely obsessed with power and control. Wanting power over others, in a less than psychotic way,  isn’t good enough. It has to be an obsession – an overwhelming need. Then you set up a monetary system and a way of trading goods and services – call it capitalism or something catchy like that.

Start indoctrinating people as soon as possible with a moral code – this is essential. Include things like; crime doesn’t pay, justice will prevail, or, goodness shall overcome, thou shall not kill (plus lots of other punishable sins) into their mental program. Anything that will keep them inline and out of the game.

The trick is to create as many herd animals as possible. This is the elite idea of the perfected society. You must program people to be delusional. Get them to believe that they will prevail within your system if they do certain “right things”. They must believe that killing and stealing are evil and will not pay off. They must see these as socially immoral. Behavior must be programmed at the emotional level so it plays out in everyday actions.

These delusional people will be extremely cooperative, they can’t have much education as to the origins of political philosophies, the constitution, laws, taxes and so on. They must be programmed, indoctrinated, to go along with government edict. They must believe that government is a moral creation – their moral creation. A direct result of morality. There must be created in them an emotional involvement with a picture of society, morality, obedience – good and evil.

Done properly these people will allow themselves to be saddled with debt. They will work and toil and tolerate ridiculous suffering through either a sense of duty or a promise of reward. They will fight and hate and long for justice and live for the day that some savior comes – but always they will obey the rules – because they are good and moral people. They must feel an emotional responsibility as “the light of the world”.

A certain number will rebel and these will serve as examples. Showing the “good” people the consequencies of immorality. There is also the purpose of satisfying the “Justice shall prevfail” delusion through these human sacrifices. It’s good to have dissent to be used as public demonstration and as always – a profit opportunity. You can never get everyone to fall under the spell, but you don’t have to. You just have to have – enough. In the United States we have more than enough.

Moving Away From Non-Systems Thinking

That’s really not a good heading. Maybe it is. Do we we see the system? Do we see a criminal bailout, a pillaging of public wealth – or do we see the system that makes it possible? Do we see the ridiculousness in a health care system that dictates what you can do for your own health care or do we see the broken system out of which it came? You can use any example you want, there are millions to choose from.

Homelessness, hunger, war? Or how about anxiety, fear, anger, insecurity? How about the cost of living versus wages? What can be done about the millions of items we could add to the list? Where would you start with wages?

If we looked at a system as if it were a tree we can easily see the only real solution. Wages would be a fruit. Everyone understands “By their fruit, you will know them…”.

Most people would have no problem saying the serial killers on TV, or in real life, were sick. You might use evil in place of sick – but you get the idea. Bad fruit, bad tree. What would we do with a tree that produced toxic fruit? We’d cut it down and pull out as many roots as we could get at. We wouldn’t think twice about it. With this in mind – where should we start with wages?

There is no fruit without a tree. There are no results, issues, problems, without a system.

Change The System

It’s the only solution.  What has to happen is we have to have a sane, reasonable reaction to this suggestion. What would our reaction be to a statement like – Our political system is broke? How about this – Democracy is a silly political system? I can’t know what your reactions were (unless you want to tell me) – were they instantaneous? Automatic? Emotional?

Why would anyone get emotional over a system of government? How about the idea of government? Have any feelings about it? Why would we have feelings about these ideas? Would there be emotions and feelings when talking about an irrigation system? Wouldn’t you want something that got the job done as effectively as possible?

What would we do if an irrigation system didn’t get water to our crops? Good systems work well. Crops get water…nothing emotional involved. Systems work – or they don’t. When they don’t, you don’t try and fix them. You get rid of them.

Ridding Ourselves Of A Broken System

How would we go about ridding ourselves of a broken system? What if we’re talking about the irrigation system? What would we do? Wouldn’t we stop using the broken one and install a working system? Is there any other way? You might be thinking – well maybe the problem is in the pipe, or canal – maybe it’s not the system.

Pipes and canals are products of the system. A system that requires us to replace a pipe every so often isn’t necessarily broke. Broke – is not working – not watering – crops dying.

To be rid of something means we must stop using it. It’s just a system. Political system or irrigation system – no difference. Systems have no importance above or beyond  functionality. To think there is more – is delusional.

There are forces that will seek to harm you if you stop using their system. We must understand – this is part of the system. The entire system is made to control the people of this planet. It’s really good at this. It’s not good for anything else but it’s really good for this.

One way or another, now, next week, next year, we’ll have to stop using the system. If we don’t the system will consume us. You must find a way. You might find someone who cooks and offer to take care of their yard. This is outside the system. You have to come up with ideas and ways to stop using the system. One or two simple things to start with. Talk to others who are willing to entertain the idea. Find groups, make groups, write down your ideas and put them online or on a bulletin board in your town.

I’d be very interested in hearing about anything you come up with….so would others. The first step is just thinking about different possibilities…other systems.

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