Death By Fantasy Threatens Survival Of Human Race

There is one thing that can insure the extinction of the human race, and it might well be referred to as “Fantasied”. That is, the total immersion in a world of fantasy. Religious belief, political belief and all other acceptance of the unreal. This must surely end badly for us.

Every day we can see the all to real consequences of this “Living Life As Fantasy”. People go nuts on the highway, steal from each other, hate others because of skin color, religious belief, political affiliation, nationality. People stand up on stages and make untrue, unbelievable speeches. Fantasizer’s accept them as speeches of consequence. In fact it’s a job just to find anything that’s real in the world man has built.

There’s a reason for this: No one who is truly knowledgeable can be easily controlled. Fantasy must be introduced as real – once this is done, there’s nothing to it. As far as controlling the world, when fantasy becomes reality, it’s game over.

I’m not sure what the dreamweaver’s plan to do after all the producers are gone and I’m not convinced they’ve got it figured out either. Maybe they’ve become victims of their own trap. Maybe they’ve succumbed to the fantasy world that was created.

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