Debian Mepis MX-14 is good Linux

I’ve been using Debian 7 wheezy stable, and am happy with it… for a solid work station.

But for some reason, don’t know if it’s a Debian issue, or a Blackberry issue, I’m no longer able to plug the phone into a USB port and get photos… or any files for that matter

So I started looking around for something I could put on a machine and see if I could plug in. I thought of Mepis, which I’d tried maybe eight years ago. I remember it was easy to install and didn’t take a lot of fiddling with… can’t remember why I chose something else…

Anyway I tried the MX-14 after reading some reviews and looking through the specs. I won’t bother telling you much about the features I’ll just say if you want a Debian Operating System that you can install and start using immediately… give it a try. Of course, with all open source operating systems it depends a lot on the hardware you’re using

I will say it found the wireless and I didn’t need to install Adobe to watch youtube videos. It has a lot of interesting packages… It comes with a package to make torrents and a tool writing a bootable USB (very handy). Right now I have no issues with it at all… the web browser, QupZilla, doesn’t have a lot of plugins like Firefox so I thought I’d need to get Firefox, or Iceweasel, then I found a package that lets you watch youtube from the desktop and you can download from there… Handy or what? Okay, I gotta stop

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