Defending our positions

Have we wondered why we involve ourselves, whether by thought or deed, in defending our positions… Our ideals or beliefs?

Isn’t the need to defend always done from the mental state of being afraid of something?

“I want to join a group, whether tribalistically, ideologically or whatever it is.. Then I become the group; the group is me.. This process erodes my individuality, my psychological aloneness .. and when the addiction produced by the identification gets created.. then I become defensive.. I cling to the fear to lose.. and it’s the fear to lose what I paradoxically begin to protect .. subconsciously or consciously…”

Or, (later in life) I want a group to join me… I need to be seen as… My identity, how I feel about myself (security), is dependent on (consensus)…

Have we ever noticed this, need to defend something, in ourselves?

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