Devotees of nonsense

When the mind hears a bombastic definition, such as the mumbo jumbos of “universal love” or “unconditional love” or “grounding” and all the rest of it… then what is that the mind does?

The mind incorporates the definition and it turns it into an idea, an interpretation, a dogmatic significance, isn’t it so?

So, can the psyche stop this process of transformation of words into ideas and actually listen and therefore dissect the whole structure of that definition?

If the psyche avoids such a tremendously necessary psychological action, then the mind turns itself so easily into the slave and the devotee of nonsenses..

Then we have to hear idiocies like “let’s pray, collectively, for Nepal”… or “let’s send love/vibes to the water of Japan so to change the radioactive reality in there”..

So fantastically stupid our mind can become

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