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He has a lot to offer and I encourage everyone to get acquainted with his research. | Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

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by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD

1. The First law of Autonomic Response Testing – the law of resonance between two identical substances ( this law has been most clearly identified by the research of Y.Omura,M.D.): if a substance is held in the energy field of a person and the indicator muscle weakens, the identical substance is in the body (resonance between two identical substances). If the substance is only in a particular organ, ganglion or other structure, the test substance has to be held exactly over this area. A variation of this test is the most common Autonomic Response Testing: the examiner finds a structure that therapy-localizes (while holding it, the indicator muscle weakens). The indicator-muscle becomes strong, when the resonating substance is placed anywhere on the patient.

2. The Second law of Autonomic Response Testing – 2-Pointing: if the examiner therapy-localizes more than one structure, ganglion etc. during the Autonomic Response Testing body scan or examination, two structures (or more) may be affected by the same toxin or infection, or one structure may affect one or more others. If the indicator muscle weakens while holding one of these structures but strengthens while holding another (which weakened when held alone), there is a) either a cause/effect relationship between the two or b) they are both affected by the s toxin/infection . The 2nd law of Autonomic Response Testing is therefore really a variation of the 1st law.

3. The Third Law of Autonomic Response Testing- Resonance between the examiner and the patient : the examiner’s body acts exactly like any other substance held into the energy field of the patient. If the doctor is toxic with the same substance that is causing the patient’s illness or that is stored in one or more of the patient’s tissues, the test will be affected as outlined in the 1st and 2nd law of Autonomic Response TestingTherefore, the 3rd law is really a variation of the 1st law also (but overlooked in any other school of kinesiology). (source: 5-Levels-of-Healing )


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