Dismantling and the real world

We’ve been busy dismantling the big obvious beliefs and ideas and we are feeling good about it. We are beginning to think we’re finally getting somewhere and out lives and relationships should improve dramatically.

Then we show up at the family gathering… and all of a sudden we’re 12 years old, wishing we had a joint.

I guess this is what is meant by “Where the rubber meets the road” … The often maddening repeated revealing of ourselves through interactions .. I see nothing for it but the ongoing, continuous, observation of everything as it happens… It helps me to look at this more like developing a skill.

The craft for me is the “as it happens” part … if I can slow down to the point of observing as it’s happening: their talking, that sound, that memory, my mental reactions, some feeling… observing the observer observing… slow, slower… We may not be able to walk between the rain drops but there is room to move in the space between our thoughts and senses

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