Dismantling Insanity

We have a curious concept of “insanity” which actually oscillates according with the culture in which we live, the background and what we have been told, preached and that we have assimilated..
so then we maybe laugh about it, or we freak out about it, or we get shocked and scandalized..
get interested in the gossiping details.. or we turn it into a movie drama to watch with some beer and coca cola.. so to get some gratification from watching the human miseries..

However, what’s even more curious is the massive inward deduction about how very little we know about what sanity is..
and about how very little we inquire about it..
and about how just few people are willing and courageous to “go” there… without carrying their psycho-existential conditioned pictures..

’cause sanity, mental sanity, is not a picture.. no civilization, nor conformity, standards or culture, book, specialist whatsoever will ever define what mental sanity is..

Only a healthy mind can do so.. and then understand what the very machinery of insanity is all about.. dismantling it completely..

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