Dismantling junk thinking

Are you listening?

Sure, I do..

No, I mean: are you listening completely?

Not just what I’m saying, not just your willingness (I assume existing willingness) to comprehend.. and not just the audio, the verbal communication and so on.. but rather: the whole apparatus of the process of understanding at work ..

Are you listening just to what I have to say?

To my chattering which, after all, consists merely in ruminating words and concepts?
Or are you also listening the whole network of thoughts your mind produces every second?

Because if I insert in one of my sentences sounding words like “love”, or “peace” or “awareness” and your psyche, because of its influences coming from your conditioned consciousness, immediately translates those words into particular and specific meanings.. then, I’m afraid, you are not listening: your mind is just chattering through pre-constructed significances & means .. right?

Are you assuming that there is a “garbage thinking” within our conscious circumstance of living (by conscious I mean: when we are awake)?

What you think in this regard?

The question, your question, is: is there an useless thinking in our daily “conscious” river of thoughts and expressions? A junk thinking? Obviously yes!

It’s so self evident.. Even when a subject is rumoring the idea that he or she is “conscious”.. that he or she is talking in full conscience .. Even there. .. there a great amount of junk thoughts ..

Regardless of the faced topics, from basic and ordinary conversations up to big and bombastic intellectualisms, philosophical opinions, movements of nonsense-spiritual words such as “it doesn’t resonate with my vibes” and so on.. the mind is basically chattering, and imitating what its current linguistic fashion is.. isn’t it so?

One wonders if we are able to notice this daily waste of psychological energies: there is a non-attentive state of mind in which the psyche amalgams things in the big pot represented by the accumulation of the psycho-linguistic-rubbish the mind has acquired over the years , plus the historical/cultural propaganda, plus the today desire to belong to something..

How can a psyche be absolutely fresh, therefore think freshly, if such mind is expressing itself from inside a pasty and filthy broth of conditioning’s?

How can such mind be possibly able to wholly listen?
How can such a chattering mind be limpid, intelligent, generating not influenced communication?

What is that?

Obviously the chattering mind chatters because the chattering mind is occupied, right?

You (“you” in general) are occupied with your spiritual path whatsoever, with your boredom perhaps, your toys, your new iPhone, your sentimental issues, your god perhaps, your “avoiding negative thoughts”, your ridiculous “law of attraction”, your daily spirulina, your job, your friends, your consensus on facebook and so many other things .. right?
And right now, right here, you are (if you are) occupied in listening all of these things ’cause for some reason you care about these things, right?
Are you occupied in listening?
Or is this nothing but an entertainment?

So, if we assume that now you are occupied in this act of listening.. then you are hearing, but not listening.. therefore not understanding ’cause this occupation comes from your chattering habit, (psychologically, then verbally).. from your psycho-behavioural accumulation which is filled by the junk thinking.. therefore how can be possible that occupied mind can listen totally?

Now… we should inquire in this possibility… is there a possibility to stop, even for a little while, this engine of junk thinking? To stop this occupation, I mean?

Please… do not fish already the idea inherent in some sort of practice, technique, forms of meditation whatsoever which are all other forms of occupation and control ..

Listen… Can the mind bring its chattering junk to an end for even just a little while? To do that the mind must completely analyze the junk.. and here comes the act the many strictly avoid: one must listen to the junk mind.. so to fully comprehend how silly and stupid and mediocre and conditioned it is.. then he or she, and only then, can proceed with the progressive, intelligent, dismantling..

Think about these things..

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