Dismantling the belief system

Striving for “perfection” or “to be good” is thought, not thinking. Thought is in motion… if we observe it carefully, even when we think that we are stuck, perhaps we can actually realize that thought is in motion: in motion from so many yesterdays toward today toward so many tomorrows.

So the question is: if one really and tangibly and realistically thinks about this “to be good”, “to be perfect”, “to be conscious”, and up to absurdities like “to be spiritual” and all of the rest of it… then maybe such person can think about these thoughts without the thoughts that generated those thoughts.. If this is done, and it can be done, then the motion of thought stops.. and the whole networking and traffic of thought can be observed, questioned, explored, inquired for what it is .. with no more illusions or delusions nor fear..

One must inquire in the fact in which if my thought, my dominant thought, is to “become a better me tomorrow”, then such thought must be a belief system in order to be believed and to be solid .. Each belief system requires an opposite to exist. Each opposite contains the virus of its opposite and eventually an enemy.. Therefore the logical consideration is: if “to be a good person or a better person, or a perfect person tomorrow” is my belief system, and considering that a belief system requires an opposite, then what is the opposite of such belief if not the person I am today (which is btw exactly what we do not explore in full)?

To say an example: can a christian person, (which obviously was not born christian but rather he or she adopted such belief), rather then “becoming a better christian”, can such person think about the thoughts that created his or her christianity (or whatever it is) without the thoughts that created it? If so, then such action is no longer a filtering of thoughts .. but it’s actual and rational thinking.. also known as intelligence..

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