Do we expect something to happen?

Where is expectation directed? … is anything, not external, expected?

I do think, at least for myself, we expect something to happen here… As a youngster I expected some communication, some contact, with something that I sensed… the sense was of family and home

The family I grew up with was okay… I understood something about Mom, Dad, siblings… but they were people, like me… What I felt as expectation was different… hard to explain… but today I think it has something to do with DNA…

It may turn out that there is no external… that all of our ideas about distance, intervals measured in the ticks of time, we got from being here.. and that here only gives the appearance of external…

How much more efficient… more efficient, and no less effective, that all that is be a projection of us, of Mind?

But then again… who could know?

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