Do you know what ''Cosmos'' means?

Questioner: We should listen and apply the universal consciousness..
Isn’t that the way ?

Answer: I do not know what “universal consciousness” means..
Do you?
But “Cosmos” (Universe).. do you know what it means?
Regardless of the galaxies, the solar systems and all of these things.. Do you know what “cosmos” means?

Cosmos means order..

Are you living in order psychologically?
Is man living in order?
Is the mind in order?
Chaos is the opposite of cosmos..
Can one apply some order from a position of absolute chaos?
Is it not chaos what you are going through?
What men have been going through for centuries?
What everybody’s going through more or less?

What you mean by “you are the universe” then, by “universal consciounsess”?
You see how meaningless this all is?
Motivationally perhaps it gives you some comfort.. right?
Some ”inspiration” of some kind… then perhaps you draw down a mandala galaxy/shaped claiming that it activates some sort of universal consciousness and vibrational fields whatsoever .. and things like that .. but your chaos still there, isn’t it so?

So rather than surrounding yourself with pictures of the cosmos and sacred geometries and mandalas of all kind .. is there a possibility to go deep, with no illusory patterns at all, deep into the immense understanding of the psyche .. so to find out for ourselves, then possibly together.. the very roots of this disgraced human chaos .. without clinging to any “universal something” at all?

Can we?

Because this is not a problem of the cosmos: it’s a human problem …

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