Doctors Without Common Sense

When Doctors Stop Thinking
One of the things missing from people today is common sense. In the case of the State Educated I guess it’s the ability to see life outside what they memorize in class.

This morning I picked up the remote to get rid of the noise and caught the tail end of a Doctor on one of the “fluff morning america today” shows. Anyway she said that some people absolutely should take an aspirin every day and others should absolutely not.

How can there be people who should absolutely take an aspirin every day? People have been around for who knows how long and aspirin just got here a minute ago.

My point is there is no person on the planet who needs to take an aspirin – ever. If aspirin disappeared it would make no difference to life on this planet at all.

Doctors have memorized terms and words and ideologies. Thinking outside that seems to never come up.

I wonder if doctors, or any of us including me, know what good health is. I remember a little about being a kid and I remember feeling nothing. I had energy and I wanted to go like mad or go to sleep. I haven’t felt like that in some time.

Drugs have nothing to do with health. It’s really backward thinking to look at health that way. It’s really Not thinking.

But we can’t really blame all this not thinking on doctors. We’ve all got to think for ourselves and question everything in order to give ourselves the best chance for the best health.

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