Does Belief Create Reality

There is a big chunk of Earth’s population that adheres to the “Belief” that belief creates reality… Does belief creates reality? I for one don’t know how this works, or if it works, in the context that people believe it works

But here’s my concern… If it does work and people can change the world, or create a different reality, through their belief I’d really rather they didn’t. If reality is actually changed then it’s changed for everyone… I may not share your vision of a better world. Maybe I like the world as it is…

Funny that the same people spouting the Belief Mantra are also telling us, and themselves, that we are All One. If they truly believe what they’re preaching how arrogant is it to think they know whats best for everybody? “Believe” me, I’m certain we don’t want the same thing…

Down right fucking selfish, thoughtless and arrogant – The self proclaimed “Enlightened & Awakened New Age” will decide what’s best for us all?

Please, even if you’re not actually creating a new universal reality with your beliefs you might mess around and create institutions, rules or laws that effect the rest of us… And “All is One” forbid you get involved with a government… please stop now… mind your own flaws and confusions and leave me alone. I’m good thanks

We’re already buried under, fenced in by, can’t fucking breathe because of and restricted in the creations of a slew of confused “Caring” people thinking… the last thing we need is more of what people call thinking

Consider gardening… As long as it’s on your own land

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