Don't be a gorilla

“… whenever I hear something like that, our infinite possbilities, our great consciousness, I think of what seems to me the human’s almost endless ability to aggrandize itself, not remembering that it’s an animal living an animal life like any other animal. We have animal perceptions, animal habits, animal concerns, animal thought, it is all very natural for the human animal but it seems so hard to remember this humble thing, maybe because we are able to reflect on ourselves, which makes us seem really horribly clever.

Yes, we have iphones and technology so we can extrapolate our seeming singularity from that maybe, except most of us have no idea at all how they work, and if you look at people and what they do, they spend their day nesting, gathering, socializing/gossiping, mating, sleeping, eating, walking and every other natural animal task.

There’s a nice saying in some cultures which is kind of, “don’t be a gorilla”, which implies that a developed human will learn some nuance, some culture, some self-control over that base gorilla nature and that it’s aesthetically nicer to do so although it doesn’t always happen. And obviously, if we have the ability to reflect on what we should do, then that invites some moral speculation which is interesting whether or not we actually have control. But the idea that we’re not a refined gorilla, but some kind of angel or superconsciousness seems to cause a lot of suffering when people believe it, because our daily lives don’t reflect that.

I really like that idea though, that goal, “don’t be a gorilla”. It seems like a realistic, attainable, human-sized goal in some cases. Not full of delusion but a nice approach.”

by Blakita Nudibranch

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