Doubt And Fear

I wanted to just beat this out real fast this morning to give those who seem to be stuck in these places something to think about.

Doubt About….?

This is where we can start. Not so much with the feelings and thoughts that run through our heads but with the cause behind it. There are a few common things that a lot of people in the United States have doubts about. For the most part, doubting ones ability to be a social success. “Am I up to the task of being OK?”.

Fear of financial security is the main fear that we live with here in this country. It didn’t just start with the latest move by the bankers toward their goal. It’s been with us for as long as we have been here. Before that it’s been the major fear of every monetized society throughout history.

    OK, so what can we do with these?

  • Know this: It’s a set up. We’ve been set up to be strapped with doubt and fear. It’s useful to the people who make use of it.
  • Second: It’s impossible to get out of it. As long as we have to fight the money makers for money we’re going to live in fear over matters financial.
  • Third: Doubt in the face of fitting in socially is programmed into us. The same people who control the money control the programming of the population.
  • What you can do.

  • Understand and accept that as long as we choose to be a part of this system we’re sentencing ourselves to states of doubt and fear. Within the current system there are no alternatives.
  • Lying to ourselves about the doubt and fear doesn’t help
  • In a nation where we are constantly bombarded with the message of our own greatness – we suffer poor mental and physical health due to the stress and strain of merely existing.

There is no way out, but out…

The first step on the road leading out of fear and doubt is acceptance. Accept that our current system is the major cause of doubt and fear. Accept that this system was designed to keep people in this state. Accept that the system cannot be fixed, amended or upgraded. Accept that the system has to be replaced. Become aware of a better system and work to install it.

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