Earth Girls Are The Best

If you’re an Earth Girl I suggest you get serious about the colony of mankind as far as who runs the show. There is little chance of our species surviving the Patriarchal system we now operate under and are subjects of.

The origins of the Patriarchal systems stem from the seeds of jealously and envy so what good can ultimately come from it? I for one am cool with girls being the better half of the yin/yang complex. I guess what I’m really cool with is the Yin/Yang complex period.

Having a big daddy controlled system is like having a respiratory system that only breathes in. Obviously there has to be some breathing out to keep the living, living.

It should be made clear that all earth girls are not yin’s but yang’s posing in panties. This is a result of a kind of naturally occurring patricide – where the system destroys itself with it’s one-sided effort to rule by might.

If you’re an Earth Girl, and your energy is still flowing naturally, maybe you’d consider taking the reins before it’s to late. If you do I’d like you to look at the whole “Blowing Things Up” idea. We guys have this thing with blowing things up. We’ve even created origin and operational stories about the world as a place that exists by blowing things up.

Some examples are:

The Sun is a big nuclear furnace. Don’t even consider how this is possible.

How about “The Big Bang”. We sometimes forget this is only a theory.

Everything we do, as far as moving, involves blowing something up. Internal combustion engines rule the planet. How long should this method of movement have gone on – In a sane society?

We blow holes in the earth, poke holes in the ionosphere, hit people and towns with exploding projectiles and can’t keep our minds off nuclear stuff, why? Because it’s the most explosive and deadly stuff we know about. Yes, guys are idiots.

So please, Earth Girls Everywhere, do something. Get elected, end elections, whatever you think is best – Just hurry.

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