Education without societal mindsets

Efficient education, efficient both psychologically and socially, is the education that does not rely on means of comparison, neither on means of becoming something…

It’s obvious that behaviorally, cognitively and psychologically the children are going to become something, to become well educated, to become efficient in various fields, and also it’s inevitable and even required the technical comparison which is necessary to the children to evolve, however; can one become a well educated and psychosocially efficient person without the authoritarian imposition of becoming?

Can one raise his or her own intelligence in a way which is completely liberated from corrupted and conditioned social and educative impositions to become competitive mindsets?

Can one detach the technical comparison, the comparative study between a bird and a plane for example, or one car and another, or one chemical agglomeration or another, without being educated through means of everlasting identitarian comparison and competition?

Can there be an educative apparatus like that?

The pivot of efficient and intelligent education should be precisely contained and analyzed within this relevant question: can an individual become efficient, in mind and life, without any impositions to become, to compete, to be greedy and so on?

Identitarian comparison in education is merely degrading. Identitarian comparison is what shapes the various problematic adolescent interrelationships that then lead to the bullying activities, to the isolation of some students, to the discrimination of the different, to the suppression of intelligent willingness to express opinions and creativities..

Most of the actual scholastic system is unfortunately constructed on such things like competitiveness, ruthlessness, careerism in sport, in the fabrication of psychological pictures inherent in “who is the best, who is the worst, who is the nerd” and all the rest of such poisons..

This conditioned education maybe creates future employers and specialists of this and that, and after all well educated people, however; an educative structure like this does not enhance intelligence, not in the individual mind, nor in society.

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