Electro-medicine as a treatment for disease

Electro medicine is real and it works. What we find when we start looking at what life is, and therefore what we are, is electricity. Life itself is energy. Free energy, static energy, coalescing, coalesced. As space, as rocks, as trees … all energy in one form or another.

“A current runs through it”

All things with an electromagnetic field are conducting electricity. Do we have an electromagnetic field? How about leaves? How about the Sun? We’re standing on a planet made of metals and minerals, it’s spinning and has magnetic poles. Clear enough?

The case for electro-medicine as a treatment for disease is elementary. What we call a disease will live and reproduce in the right environment. Change the environment – the disease can’t survive. All forms of energy have a unique frequency signature. Remember, life is energy. We’re at the point now where we can identify those specific frequencies with our machines. This means we’re at the point where we can recreate those frequencies. They’re just waves after all – frequency waves.

What will happen next, or now, is we’ll encode the frequency to a carrier language. I’m waiting for someone to come up with the frequency for aspirin… still no “Aspirin Wave”. Pills are too profitable. But the science is almost there.

All we as laypeople have to know is everything is energy. We can create the environment for health, or disease. Our inner environment with all it’s waves, frequencies, electric currents are ours to influence.

I built the most simple silver colloidal maker possible…

Three 9volt batteries: The batteries get snapped together to run in a series. Lay them on the counter with two pointing one way and the other (middle) pointing the opposite direction. In a minute you’ll see how they will snap together. You have to buy some 99.999 silver wire. Nothing else, no sterling, no substitute – it won’t work. Use distilled water, again – only – distilled water. Not purified, all natural or any of that. You can get some little connector snaps that fit on the batteries ( a couple dollars ). Connect three inches of the .999% silver wire to the connector snaps – don’t solder – just crimp.

Drop the extending silver wire ( poles ) in 16 ounce glass of water. No salt, nothing but distilled water. The batteries will lay on the rim of the glass. In twenty to forty minutes you’ll have a colloidal. Now – make sure and read more than I’ve written. You would probably do well with an AC/DC current tester and a saturation tester to no exactly what you’re doing. Watch the wire and when it starts to grow stuff take it out – it’s done.

Silver Spoons
But do we need to make a silver colloidal or buy nano-silver? Why do you think people made and used silver ware? How about a silver tooth pick for dad or a silver teething ring for the curtain climber?

Ion Baths
Every morning just before it gets light the little birds start to talk to each other. They’re saying, “You feel that? Here it comes…”. They feel the Sun. Every morning an Ion shower flows to earth from the East. We can, like the birds, get out there and take it in.

Good places to start with electricity and health

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