Emma Harris writes

by Emma Harris,
Lovely Lonely
If you have ever had friends
It does not matter
If they understand you
If you understand them
If you listen to them
If they listen to you
Rather how long you have known them
Often people will judge the ‘seriousness’ of a relationship
By asking, ‘how long have you been together for?’
Does the time matter?
Does having a friend since you were five make them a ‘good friend’?
For ‘thick and thin’?
Thick Minds and Thin Ties
Thick Minds like Jello
Impermeable to Questions
Thin Ties on Tightrope
Too Little Balance
You Fall
Too Much Pressure
It Falls Apart
Why do we need friends like this?
Why do we need partners like this?
Counting the anniversaries
Year by Year
You can count to five
But can you count the time wasted?
Kids are the glue to relationship
But the glue is still kids glue
Elmers Non-Toxic
$5 at the Drug Store
It falls apart after it dries out
Do you want kids?
Do you really?
How many children are born to
Fix a broken relationship?
Silence the ringing of a woman’s ‘biological clock’?
A fictionalized clock created and patented by Society ™
How many billions of children need to born in order to see this?
I don’t think people would stay together as long as they do
If it weren’t ‘for kids’
‘Stay together for the kids’
‘Stay together for misery’
‘Stay together for imprisonment’
‘Stay together for illusions’
We are the perfect family
Divorce is out of the question
My kids are happy
My marriage is fixable
We still ‘love’ each other
But it is different kind of love
Love where you fight
Because you are trying so hard to
‘Make It Work’
‘Love Doesn’t Work’
Nothing Works
Your programs have expired
You need a new one
Say hello to your step dad
Time doesn’t bring understanding
The Pendulum swings back and forth
I love you
I hate you
I love you
I hate you
I love you…
The grandfather clock will break one day..
Too weak to work
It will perish in a fiery inferno
It will rot in a dilapidated home
It will be auctioned off by the kids They have grown tired of it
Ringing Disharmiously
Breaking Down
Only to be Fixed
To Ring A Racous Melody
To Break Down Again
Should we fix the clock?
Does it matter?
Why is the clock so pivotal?
Just because you have been married does not make you belong to one another.
Belongings get thrown away
Be longing for what?
Be longing for happiness?
Be longing for peace?
Be longing for sexurity?
Be long to what?
Be long for what?
A Relation Ship is not a clock
Neither is a Friend Ship
You cannot sail on clocks
Clocks make horrible boats
They always Sink
Yes Ships sink too..
But they are designed to sail
Alone or not alone
Ships can go many places
Discover new things
Some ships can go underwater
Some ships can fly
Clocks are heavy
They cannot handle pressure
They do not work in space
Where there is no time
Would you like to go deeper?
Would you like to explore?
Would you like to spin in circles?
Between 0 and 9?

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