Ending The Cycle Of Delusional Thinking

We can’t fear what we don’t know… You wrote down what you were really afraid of, “someone killing you, pain” etc. There’s no need to confuse this with “A fear of Dying”… No one knows what death holds, regardless of the constant claims being made. What we call death “Is” the unknown, we never fear the unknown, it’s a psychological impossibility. We create images of the unknown, from memory, from what we know. But this is a dream, fun, frightening, not reality…

The only thing any of us can deal with is the known. We repeatedly misdiagnose our problem, seek to treat the imaginary ill, and continue to repeat the cycle. It’s always been this way, and will continue this way, until we exit belief and return to reality.

One thing I can tell you about the conditioned mind, which is our one and only problem, is this, it does not want to be seen.

We can begin the process of ending this cycle of delusional thinking by turning our attention toward our thinking and watching ourselves until we see through the hopes, beliefs and other illusions and find the fear that creates them. Once there, we can begin..

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