Enjoying The Extraterrestrials

Lately I’ve been having a lot more fun. I’ve been sleeping better and I have a goal. My goal, so far, has been to be as useful to the human race as possible and, by default, useful to whatever else exists in the universe. It wasn’t a wholly satisfying goal. It lacked a final objective, it was just the best I could decide on at the time. Recently my goal has been extended to a more satisfying “completion picture”. It no longer stops at simply being useful because that’s what makes the most sense. It has been extended to “being useful so that we can ultimately do a specific thing”.

If any of you have read my writings or visited my site then you realize that I have always had difficulty dealing with the two major “Origin of Life Stories”. They being creationism and evolution. When I refer to creationism I mean the religions formed by the people who compiled the bible, censored religious intuitiveness and market their specific interpretations as the “Word of God”. As for the religious evolutionists they would be those who would attempt to exclude anything but a “creator-less natural selection world”. I see both these “schools of thought” as fundamentalist movements. I see no reason to believe that either one has the whole story. I don’t even see either one as a particularly good story. Not surprising since they were both devised and created by people. On the other hand I believe both are right about some of the story.

I believe that biological life forms evolve and adapt to their environment. I also believe that there is a creative intelligence in the universe. Both of my, currently held, beliefs are based on evidence. The evidence for evolving and adaptive biological life is supported simply by the examination of the immune system. If that’s not self explanatory a little research will make it so.

The evidence for a creative intelligence is represented when you take into account that you could be reading this article within hours of me writing it. We ourselves are a creative life force. I create the document. Then with the help of all the creative human intelligence that put together the world wide web, you read it. You may even tell others what you read and create images for them to see. Those images will become part of the “world mind” image and that larger picture will manifest, through us, into a physical form: thus creation. Is there a higher creative intelligence present in the great big world? We better hope there is.

We have and are repeatedly demonstrating our tendency for self destruction. If there are those who don’t see how close we are to extinction, that is only evidence of our ability to delude ourselves. If there is no intervention our environment will reach such a state of toxicity that our evolutionary adaptability will not be sufficient to biological changes needed to survive what we ourselves are creating. Besides we’d have to evolve into a different biological ecosystem, and I really don’t know if that’s even possible.

Returning to the life story business. None of the myriad of creation stories and evolution ideas sits well in me. In order for me to accept any of them as “The Story” I have to bend my brain into a shape that fits around the story. So far, none of them have slid easily into place. There have been no good fits. As a result my brain has been in a state of turmoil since grade school. About the time I started looking around, listening to stories and thinking about them. We use the brain in the problem solving area in two distinct ways. One, we examine things while we’re awake, we discuss them with others, consciously gather data and make decisions on that data. The other brain business goes on while we sleep. The brain tries to put the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle. It seeks to resolve contradiction.

These contradictory conflicts develop between “the stories” and our first hand, on site, observations. For instance, if we were told horses come from taxi cabs. Even if we wanted to believe it. If we decided that it was true because thousands of others believed it and it came from a seemingly credible authoritative source. It would still set up an unresolved contradictory puzzle for the brain. As a result, the brain would work at it, while we were awake, and while we were asleep, until (1) we got a different “where do horses come from” story, or (2) it, the brain, dies. It won’t give up. It can’t resolve “horses from cabs” because it’s not a fact.

But if we want to believe it then it will try everything in it’s computability arsenal to make it fit. Even if it becomes seemingly delusional and has to be dealt with through the “miracle of modern medicines molecule manipulation program”, it will stay in a state of unresolved turmoil. Even if it manages to seemingly, wall off the contradictory compartment (ignoring the piece of the puzzle that doesn’t fit) it will not rest. I see this as part of the whole   “stress/environmental/trauma/craziness/addiction/dis-ease” plague of the 21st century. When things don’t make sense we wrestle. I finally found a story that I don’t have to wrestle with – it all fits. My brain has, at last, been relieved of it’s nocturnal battle.

So what is the story? The aliens did it. Here is the readers digest version. The universe is jam packed full of people. Some of the people look like us. They are our ancestors. There are a trillion other types of people ( pure meaningless author speculation ). Some of them are here – maybe. They have always been around – most likely – that’s the story.

There is a huge and fascinating field of study at our disposal – absolute fact. Some of the most intelligent people on the planet see this as a feasible logical puzzle solving theory – fact. Some of the kookiest humans to ever roam the planet without a leash believe this story – fact ( Inescapable Fact). Not really a significant point since the world is packed to the brim with koo koos: Hey, we put poison in our water and give it to our kids; then we wonder why everyone is acted Kooky.

The bottom line with the, people from other planets came here and helped get us going as a species story, is: my brain doesn’t have any issues with it. As soon as I decided that this was probably what happened, historically, and that all the stories about gods and all the biblical anomalies were just early mans experience with more evolved people, my brain just curled up and went to sleep. Now it’s kind of like a cat on the window sill. I forget it’s even there. I’ll notice it and say, “aren’t you going to do anything today?”. It’s relaxed for the first time I can remember. It also completed my ultimate goal dilemma.

Before, although I had decided to do something, for what I believed were the best purposes, I didn’t know where it was leading. I was still torn between being useful to people through personal interactions and my website interaction “or” forming an army and taking control of the planet via violent coup. The problem with either of these is I couldn’t figure out where I’d go from there. Well obviously, for the coup scenario, I’d make a rule “be nice to each other”. Then employ the sanest people I could find to come up with a sustainable plan. But beyond that both plans kind of fizzled out. Now I plan to be as useful to others and get as many people thinking about “be nice to each other” as possible and if we can get to a place where we play nice with the dangerous toys we already have, I think we can meet the neighbors. The rest of the family. I think we’ve been quarantined. In the big universal scheme of things we are more like a virus. Sane people don’t let viruses spread. Don’t like the virus analogy? How about, as a species, we can’t be trusted with more power?

Well it’s working very well for me. I am enjoying my extraterrestrial idea. Since I am having such a good time with it I figured that if I didn’t introduce it to as many people as possible, I wouldn’t be acting in the most “useful as possible” manner. So in closing, I hope you enjoy the article and like me, come to “Enjoy the Extraterrestrials”.

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