Enlightenment Is The Shadow Of Understanding

Enlightenment dismantled in 5 points

1) You want the enlightenment.

2) You think that once achieved the enlightenment you will live in some ways, somehow in total consciousness.

3) By the act of thinking according with the two points above, you are being petty toward yourself and toward the rest of the whole universe.. ’cause you disconnect yourself from everything else by feeding what you think is ”union”, while it’s absolute disconnection.

4) Your hunger for enlightenment is merely a form of escapism from life.. an escapism nourished by an illusion which is the willingness to force and accelerate evolution, psychologically, energetically, existentially… rather than understanding it profoundly as well understanding the very roots of human misery and suffering… then going with evolution and the expansion of human intelligence side by side… and with no searching, nor conditioning’s, neither ambitions of any kind…

5) By putting yourself into the act of searching for the illumination whatsoever you trap yourself into a limbo of spiritual ambition which will dominate your whole life: If you will be lucky your will die with a mind filled by illusions…

If you will be unlucky you will realize, at the end of your physical life, that you came, you are about to go… and in the middle you tried to understand.. but you have been too busy in forcing the incorruptible.. then you realize you just spent your whole psychological life at the shadow of the possibility to fully understand what the sum of mind & life is all about.. ’cause you have been too busy in watching elsewhere… and that’s quite sad…

Think about these things before giving energies to the urge of illumination

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