Eugenics, Sociopaths, Genetic Errors

This morning I had to get up because I started thinking about Helen Keller. Can you imagine, deaf and blind? That’s being truly lost. Close to completely alone – isolated.

I probably started thinking about her because I read something about the eugenics movement again and the sociopaths doing experiments on children. Lots of experiments on lots of children in lots of schools here in the US.

The reason I call these experimenters sociopaths is because I can’t imagine anyone who looks at people as people, with empathy and compassion, performing these types of experiments. You either need not feel anything for people, or you must enjoy the suffering of others, to subject people to this type of garbage.

This includes those people not involved in the hands on work but who say, “Go ahead…”.

From my point of observation, as not being a sociopath or psychopath, I too see the need for the elimination of genetic error. It would be nice if no one had to suffer a genetic anomaly. But, for me, the healing can’t come at the expense any individual.

I can’t condone anyone being subjected to psycho weirdness – involuntarily – for any reason. I’m not that psychotic.

Whenever I try and come up with a solution to the Helen Keller scenario I can’t. As much as I don’t like what some people are left to experience, as much pain as I experience because I empathize with these people, I can’t think of anything to do. My thinking just leads me from one thing to another and finally out into a mist of nothingness.

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