Everybody wants to be happy, nobody likes suffering, we want things, want to feel things

No one wants to be unhappy. Everybody wants to be happy. Why isn’t everybody happy.

Nobody wants to work there asses off to survive. Why do we live lives of toil?

No one likes traffic jams. Why do we make them? Why is there traffic jams?

No one likes turmoil, emotional pain and suffering. Why do we create turmoil? Why are so many people suffering?

What are we doing wrong? No one, aside from psychopaths, likes war, starvation, destruction and pain. Why do we fight? Are we so unhappy, miserable, lonely and scared? We want company? Do we want all to suffer because we’re suffering?

We’ve been had? Taken for a ride into hell? Now we want others to make the same mistake, so we don’t feel so stupid? We’ve been hurt so we want others to hurt?

We feel we’ve been wronged, abused, lied to and duped and we want others to get the same treatment.

We feel unloved? We feel we’ve been deserted? We feel life has let us down? There should be more? There should be some purpose? There should be some fulfillment for the inner longing?

We want things even if it means we must deny those things to others?

Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody wants their lives to go smoothly. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves, to meet people who share their likes, to give, to be nice, to love and be loved.

Why don’t we all have those things.

What do we think? Who do we think about? What are we thinking that’s holding us back? What barriers are we building? What walls are we building? What are we denying others? What are we ruining?

Why do we destroy things? Why do we want things?

Why are we so lost? Why isn’t everybody happy?

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