Everybody Want's To Rule The World

I remember a song with this title. I never listened to any of the lyrics. I liked the sound. I heard the title cause they repeated it so many times. I’m always trying to figure out what causes humans to have so many problems here on earth and I think this one desire for control is at the root of it all.

First though we should remove the word “World” and replace it with “The People of Earth”. Everybody wants to rule the people of earth. Secondly we should clean up another portion of the statement by replacing “Rule” with “Control”. Also if we want to reach a more inclusive idea we might replace “People” with “Peoples behavior”. In fact lets change “Peoples Behavior” to “Peoples Bad Behavior” or “Peoples Destructive Behavior”. Everybody wants to control peoples destructive behavior.

I think anyone in there right mind who has done a good deal of self examination will find they are part of this “Everybody”. I know I am. I also know I absolutely hate being controlled. I was one of those tantrum throwing kids. I would just go nuts if my parents said I had to do something I didn’t want to do.

From very early I felt I had no control over anything. As I moved out into the world of the public school system I was overwhelmed by my lack of control. At the same time I was assaulted by what I deemed bad behavior. Mostly what I thought was bad behavior was “Mean Behavior”. At five years of age I didn’t have the advantage of hindsight so I didn’t know anything about cruelty breeding cruelty. Fear breeding fear – Like begetting  like if you will. In fact I didn’t know much of anything.

What I felt was this – I was at the mercy of a world I didn’t have any control over. For many years I tried to control others on an individual basis. I got in a lot of fights. At some point I realized that this was a complete waste of time and accomplished next to nothing. But I still wanted control. I wanted to control, if not the entire world of other peoples behavior, at least that worlds ability to negatively affect and control me.

What I found was, as far as controlling the worlds ability to effect me  – It’s just to big. The world of “People on Earth” is to big for me to control. The  intrusiveness of something that big is next to impossible to control. There are historic aspects that one can never go back and change. The IRS was well established by the time I was born. Ideas about marriage, funerals, gods, life had been formed without any input from me – so I really felt like I was dropped off in an alien world with no instructions – and no power.

Obviously somebody had a lot of power and was controlling things. Needless to say I didn’t like the way they had set things up. What I’ve been fighting against since is the world set up and ruled by “The Control Freaks”. Another thing I realized at some point was that I didn’t have what it took to compete with them. I lacked the aspect of utter ruthlessness needed to be a world class control freak. I lacked that degree of meanness necessary to rule the world. I also wanted no part of their world. Despite my best thinking at the time all I could come up with was “Hide”.

In order to gain any aspect of control in this controlled world one has to cooperate with the controllers. I couldn’t do it.

I’m convinced this desire to control others is present in everyone. Regardless of the outward behavior everyone would like to control the behavior of others. What effect does this have on the cosmic consciousness? Don’t think their is such a thing as a cosmic consciousness? Why? Lets pretend their is.

What I’m after, as always, is some answers. Some since of solution to what I see as a sort of universal madness. I understand peoples reaction to “The People of Earth”. I understand the resulting need to have control. After all – the people of earth are the main threat to the people of earth. Has it always been this way? Was it this way with every tribe and community throughout history? What I think happens is that, although we all want to rule the world, most of us have an altruistic bent.

The majority of people, while desiring an end to others destructive behavior, desire a state harmony. Most of us can get along because of this primary motivation towards harmony. There is, in most, the instinctual connection between harmony and happiness. Since no person desires to be unhappy most people will personally aim for non destructive behavior.

But there’s something else going on too. I’m always weirded out by mobs. Mob scenes at the public executions of the past, the obsession of TV addicts with trials,  any type of mob mentality, mob violence and destruction. Throughout history their have been people, quite a few, who show their true colors within the mob. Nazi Germany was a good example of hidden tendencies for cruelty and a need to control. Remember before the brown shirts, there were no brown shirts. These people came from the community. They had families. They were offered one thing – control.

Wanting to control everything is not really the problem. If a kingdom has a good king there is no better place to live. A good king can have absolute control over the kingdom and things can be really great for everyone. But in the end the king will die.

The problem, as I see it,  is this: Here There Be Monsters. Where is here? Everywhere. The more people, the more monsters. The monsters we have with us today are the sociopath and the psychopath. These deviant pathologies are the the ones who have the ruthlessness I lacked. The ruthlessness needed to strive rule the world.

I knew someone who grew up with Bill Clinton. This person and I used to talk about behavior and people and so on and one day he told me that the only true sociopath he ever met, for sure, was Bill Clinton. Recently there has been an ad on TV and Internet TV where Bill and George are trying to get money from people using Haiti. I saw that and thought, “These people are truly evil”. The other thing they have going for them is they’re connected.

Evil disconnectedness attracts it’s like. These people naturally find each other. They cooperate. They study, they plan, they obsess, they naturally and cooperatively move toward positions of power and control. Most of us never see them. Ever wonder where that person running for office came from. How many people in the U.S., or the world,  knew who Barrack Obama was in 2007? These crazies are all connected in and through the maniacal web of power and control.

Nobody in their right mind denies the existence of evil and madness. The only debate is to the source of this realities. People can always debate the source of evil and madness. Some blame it on an otherworldly cause like the Devil or evil spirits. This philosophy always needs and includes the otherworldly solution. That’s a never ending debate and doesn’t lend itself to much in the way of a solution.

I see all evil, madness, meanness and so on as having “The People Of Earth”  as it’s source. I’ve only seen people, and the good or evil that they produce. I attribute the cause of evil in people to a broken connection with humanness. I don’t know where humanness is. I don’t know how the connection works exactly. I have ideas and I study and search for answers, but as yet I don’t know much. There is another possibility, other than a broken connection, for evil. Evil people may not be human.

Broken connections or not human. How could a person not be human? I don’t know. But to think that all there is in the entire world is human beings doesn’t make much sense. That isn’t even true on earth. Most of our little planet is populated by bugs. But none of that matters. What matters is understanding the problem.

The main problem is that the truly messed up are the ones best equipped to rule the world. It’s easier for them because they’re so singular – it’s an obsession. They don’t even have to try. Great care givers don’t try to be great care givers – it’s what they are. They are connected to the nurturing nature of humanness.

A lot of people seem to be broken. The part that should be functioning to facilitate a connection to some human goodness is broke. It may simply be that some switch didn’t get thrown when the fetus was forming and something didn’t get built that should have been. What I have seen in all people is the desire to control other peoples behavior. So I would say this is natural simply because it’s so all inclusive.

Mainly most of us want people to behave for the purpose of harmony and happiness. Okay, nothing weird about that, recognize it, own it, work with it. But also recognize that some people are broke. This break causes an obsession with control that has nothing to do with harmony. Recognize it – Accept it – Work with it.

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