Everything Worth Having We Have Right Now

This is easy to see after we’ve been here (Earth) for a while.

All we really need is provided. The Earth provides it. If the weather patterns change, which they historically do, we just move to the next best place.

There is also no need to try and hang on to what is worth having. We can’t hang on to things even if we want to. All things change. Nature works the way it works, it’s pointless to mess with it. it’s not broke…

There is not one single reason to chase after posessions. We only need a few things to be happy and whole. How about “Food, Sex & Fun”?

The Earth produces food. Almost everybody likes sex, so that’s plentiful. And fun is any thing people enjoy doing. The way we are, as people, all of us can have fun and do what we want and everything that needs to get done will get done without any Kings or Governments. Living a life isn’t complicated.

What’s complicated is people having to live within the confines of a world built by critters. If we remove the critters from Power we thrive. When we all decide to have fun, that having fun is of fundamental importance, we’ll thrive.

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