Evolution And The Brain

Few would disagree that things are not as good as they might be around the world. Could we agree that they never have been?

From the time I was old enough to look at group dynamics I’ve had the feeling that something was not right. Of course I didn’t know what right might look like, nor did I know I was observing group dynamics. I had neither the time on earth or the language to explain to anyone what I thought, in fact there wasn’t a lot of thought involved, just the sense that something was not right.

As soon as I was able I began to use my brain to figure it all out and see if I couldn’t make something that resembled right. I never did and, on the larger scale, neither has anyone else. By large scale I mean large groups of people organizing systems for living. History lets us see some decent beginnings but always these breakdown and the people eventually disperse.

People in science tell us how the modern day human brain is a miraculous end result of millions of years of evolution. For thousands of years people have been putting this “Miraculous Brain” to the task of creating a better world. Today, with all our brains combined, we’re not looking at the breakdown of another civilization but the collapse of an entire global ideal. A global ideal dreamed up from the miraculous result of evolution.

Some will tell us that there is evil in the world and the good brains are at war with the evil brains. Intuition might ask how good brains go to war. How come the so called good people don’t have a nation and a system of living of their own? How good are the brains that can’t make a way for peace?

Is the miraculous brain really all that miraculous?

Since I started having to deal with my brain directly I’ve found little in that part so highly touted by science to recommend it as a tool for sane living. That part being the frontal lobe. Here in the frontal lobe we are told reasoning takes place. This is supposed to be the end result, or at least the result so far, of evolution.

What do we know for sure about evolution? We know that plants and animals either adapt to there environment – or die. When grass seed blows onto non-fertile ground it can get what it needs from what is there or – die. If a few seeds manage to make it the new adaptation is added to the gene pool and we have a heartier grass. I don’t know of any other type of evolution that exists, outside of theory or hypothesis.

So I wonder how a brain that is so unsuited to survival could be the result of any evolutionary process.

There is a completely logical explanation for this if we give up notions about evolution and religious creation ideas. If we were made by other people visiting the earth then we have a reasonable explanation as to what’s wrong with us. I am beyond the delusion that, as a species, there is not something wrong with us. We are our own worst enemy. What other species evolved with that trait? How could a species evolve with that trait?

If on the other hand our brain was genetically engineered for performing certain tasks all would make sense. We humans are really good at building things. On the other hand we are sorely lacking in the wisdom department. There are those who have developed wisdom by using more than the brain for the task. This takes time and a serious effort on the part of the individual. When the wisdom is offered people listen. But wisdom doesn’t seem to be teachable when people only use their brains to learn.

Ever hear of a class in school teaching wisdom? Wisdom has always been the result of individual effort and has never been accomplished by thinking about it.

The truly wise person is peaceful. We can learn about wisdom and peace via the brain and decide to act in wise and peaceful ways, then get in an argument that afternoon. Peace and wisdom don’t seem to be brain activities.

If you ask a Qigong teacher how to calm your thoughts they’ll say breathe. Breathe? What has breathing got to do with the goofy thinking coming from our brains? When we want to balance our emotional lives the east gives us yoga and Thai chi. What’s that – body movements, positions and breathing? How can this work for an unbalanced or out of control thought life?

It doesn’t make sense, at least for me, unless we say that the part of the brain that is giving us a bad time at home and gives birth to all the varying degrees of chaos, cruelty and war around the world was genetically modified “only” to build things. Those things it’s good at building are physical structures. Think of the Roman Aqueducts – then think of Rome. Where did the US political model come from?

If we were to look at people and brains like we were seeing them for the first time what would make more sense: (1) The human brain naturally evolved into it’s dysfunctional state? (2) A perfect creator created an imperfect thinking mechanism? or (3) the brain was genetically modified to perform specific tasks?

Something to think about. One thing is fairly obvious to me: We won’t solve our problems using the mechanism that made them.

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