Evolving brains and morality

I see not a spec of any assumed evolved brain involved in any psychological morality. In fact, as far as I know, morals are always dictated, accepted or rejected. People ethics, that which guides my actions, based on observing my own and talking with others, are based on feelings. I do this, I feel bad, I do this, I feel good… which isn’t necessarily static.

I think most of what we do, think and feel is generated by tendencies inherent in our self image. We get shaped and for the most part stay that way. I don’t know if we can reconstruct the self-image. People say we can, but I don’t know…

I know it’s incredibly hard to even see that deep into our source pattern. There can be a relearning but mostly we work on the surface and through any changes we make we teach the next generation those changes. We could call this evolving… but since the actual brain hasn’t changed I call it learning. We are our tools for learning

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