Extreme Heat Causing Cramps

The temperuture in Dallas today is blistering hot. I wrote a post about how when I golf in the hot weather I get bad muscle cramps. I said I was going to look into an electrolyte supplement, which I did.

I got some and used it and the cramping diminished. Diminished but not gone. Better but not fixed.

The other day I heard that pickle juice will ease muscle cramps quick. Pickle juice? Quick?

Lets see, vinegar, spices … Okay, doesn’t matter I’m doing it and it seems to help.

We were mixing up some sort of vinegar thing that came from one of Two’s Mexican ancesters. Don’t recall having muscle cramps while we were drinking it – so we’ve started using it again.

I noticed Braggs (the people who have the liquid aminos) make and sell vinegar drinks. Lot’s of uses for vinegar – guess that’s why it’s been around so long.

Know of any other cramp, are vinegar, related fixes?

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