false hopes, values, beliefs and ideologies

Hitler, Mussolini, Ceausescu and Stalin, just to mention 4 of the most famous players of the following game, have shown so well how the horrible “art” to extrapolate mass consensus from popular obtuseness and dullness, (which are forms of not inquired stupidity) so to create totalitarianism .. can basically function through the progressive annihilation of critical thinking .. actuated by the indoctrination of big false hopes, values, beliefs and ideologies..

Cults, sects, modern spiritualisms, new age, internet-tribalisms and extremisms of various nature, despite they actual irrationality, populist superficiality and glamourous weight of nonsenses.. are actually playing the same exact game..

This is of course a voluntary exaggeration ..

However: the game of turning popular irrational thinking, (especially today: through the internet), into mass-effective illusions and delusional reasoning (painted by “missions” and “changes”, by “raising the vibrations” and all of this sort of insane shallowness) .. this game is a fact.. and it functions exactly with the same dynamic of the game described above..

This is the reason why critical thinking is that ”sacrosanct flame” that must be everlastingly kept alive in the psyche..

We all know what happens when a solid flame comes to its end: the smoke of human irrationality and psychosocial oblivion rules everywhere..

Critical thinking is the psychological flame we have to prevent the disgrace of clinging to irrational mists.. whether ideological ones, spiritual ones, political ones, superstitious ones, mystical ones, religious ones and all other mental poisons..

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