Farts in consciousness

Someone referred to thoughts as “farts in consciousness” and I didn’t know what they meant.

I looked at my thoughts for a while because they are a big hassle. The wisdom is that thoughts come from nowhere, but I think I actually saw where they come from.

My ego (real or imaginary) is a thing threatened by the smallest breath of wind. Or no wind. Its function is to be threatened it seems.
The ego runs into something that threatens to threaten its self-image and it shudders. It has a little energetic contraction. This is pre-thought but only by a hair.

Out of this contraction comes a thought. The thought is defensive and it is also completely random. Its only function is to patch up the ego who fears it is wounded by the breath of wind. The thought can be a little clever — it might seem to be about something else unless you remember the little wound. Then it becomes laughably obvious it’s about the little wound. (Thought may be tricky but maybe not as tricky as it thinks.)

My day is filled with these little contractions of perceived threat and the random defensive thoughts/farts that they generate. One two. One two. A little fart dance.

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