Fear, instinct, intuition and judgement

“Is there a difference between fear, instinct, intuition and judgement?”

Yes: there is natural fear and its consequential reactions brought into being by the instinct.. and then there is psychological fear, which is the images-maker, images inherent in preoccupations, abstract concerns and even up to forms of demi-psychosis, unreasonable alertness, irrational nervousness, latent anxiety and so on..

Judgement and intuition are often biased, if not continuously…

Since we do not know the percentage of biases such activities hold, then the big deal is indeed and precisely inherent in the possible investigations and intelligent acknowledgement of the biased parts..

We have been educated to suppress the instinct, not to comprehend it.. We have been told that the instinct is our “animal-side”, primitive, aggressive, violent, something to be personally and culturally afraid of..

But, being that instinct is merely a part of our neurology and therefore a part of our psychology, if we suppress a psychological component without having previously understood it intelligently, then how on Earth can we possibly pretend to address logically the irrational fears we almost daily foment since we deliberately lack of a part of the psyche and of our neurological system ’cause we have been trained to keep it in constant captivity?

We cannot..

Which is precisely why the brain tries to activate the best of what it can activate so to react to the fomentation of pictures inherent in possible dangers shaped by the confused mind..

Unfortunately, by missing a part of its neuro-system, then obviously the brain tries to pick up and deliver to the psyche random images inherent in that possible danger which are most of the time quite nonsensical and irrational images..

Since the brain cannot compute what’s real and what’s interpretation.. then the responsibility of the psyche, indeed, should be the act of clearly observing and logically comprehending such random visualizations and thought-processes .. so to prevent ulterior confusion and eventually even psychotic states of mind..

It’s obvious that the mind of the believer, whatever the belief is, whether it be ideal, religiosity or spirituality, cannot accomplish such a responsibility..

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