Fear of deep psychological inquiry

When people do not understand a deep psychological inquiry (especially something that comes from a not-publicly-recognized-and-collectively-accepted-speaker) usually people react with great opposition.. “Why do you want to be such a smart-ass?” .. “why are you so arrogant?”.. and all the rest of it..

I believe it’s a sort of defence mechanism against the “psychological different”.. because even the only perception of the different represents to those minds a possible violation of their conditioned status-quo’s & neuro-linguistic codes and pathways of thinking..

The many speak and agitate flags about “freedom” but when it comes to inquire in regard of what psychological and rational freedom actually is.. they react with immense disappointment and disapproval ..

The understanding of the dynamic of such disappointment, which comes into being when we do not understand deep psychological inquiries, inquiries that are not anchored to any beliefs or pre-packaged thoughts, should be the most logical and reasonable starting point of comprehension of the dynamic through which we so often engage our psychology with so many limbic patterns of reasoning.. frightened by the different..

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