Fear, War, Managing The Human Condition

Every day, if I choose to, I can sit and watch a constant stream of lies and con-jobs flow from the TV set. It’s literally constant. I would be hard pressed to find anything on TV that wasn’t a blatant lie, or a distraction from a lie.

Where the lies seem to diminish is in shows written as pure fantasy. It’s fantasy so lying is sort of not possible but within these fantasies what we find is a lot of facts and truth. But if you watch any cop show the lies are pervasive, glaring and obvious in their attempt to manipulate the psyche. Cop shows are a kind of propaganda mill. What’s the biggest prime time draw? Cop shows. What’s next? Down right dumb.

The down right dumb I don’t get. I know that people become who they are sometime in grade school. Sometime between 3 yrs old and 8 yrs old the personality is formed and set. I’ve never met anyone who has become a different person than they were in grade school. Of course I can’t be exact on the age when people form into their personalities but it’s early. These personalities accumulate more but the personality type never significantly changes.

When I was in grade school some people would get a big kick out of things that I wouldn’t get. There were kids who laughed when others were embarrassed or humiliated. There were kids who laughed when others did something really stupid (to long to list). There were kids who played nice, there were kids who couldn’t stand it when others played nice – the list of personality traits goes on and on but you get the picture.

Today all these kids are the same as they were then. They may have found different ways of being themselves – but they haven’t changed at the core personality level. The kids who couldn’t stand it when others played nice may not run in and kick the toys around but they want to and most have devised ways, little or big, to disrupt the lives of those they dislike. What happens to other countries that the leaders of the western world dislike them?

If you just take these two personality types you can see them active all around the globe today. Some just want peace, some can’t stand it.

It’s interesting to watch the news shows today and compare the personality types of the ‘news readers’ we have today and the journalists of old. The journalist of old would have been the kid in school who was looking for answers and facts and asking why and arguing when teachers, parents and other kids weren’t seeing things as things appeared to be to them.

The ‘news people’ of today were the kids who were always trying to please the teacher and making faces at the kids who weren’t satisfied with the pat answers and learning by rote.

Of course there are other types who are drawn to jobs on the TV. Kids who craved attention, position, power, popularity and so on.

There are different personality types drawn to positions of power. A CEO of a big corporation might wind up there because of their need for security and money means security to them. They might need to feel in control and holding a position of power over others gives them the feeling what they need. Still, none of these people have changed personality types and never will.

What we can change is behavior. I have a tendency to want to dominate. I want to be the boss. My ideal job? King of the world. My personality type says – I want no lies told, all pertinent facts about life and being human should be revealed. I want things to make sense and I want people to have a place to play nice with each other. Now – since I know I can’t be King of the World – I’ve had to modify my behavior.

In fact I’m modifying my behavioral tendencies as I write this little blog post. Why? To get my way, to influence others. I was this way in grade school. I really can’t change that, although I might be able to do something useful.

What can change in people to make the lives of all people better?

How can all the established personality types modify their behavior to make life better for everyone?

One type of person will have a hard time with any of this. The type who hates it when others get along and play nice may be beyond any modification that would benefit “The Whole”. These people aren’t the slightest bit interested in peaceful coexistence for all.

I think almost everyone else could make a contribution by deciding to accept facts. All the personality types, I can think of, can change their behavior by accepting the facts and discarding any previously accepted lies, fairy tales, superstitions and so on.

People who fund and instigate wars rely on those of us who believe lies or accept fairy tales and superstition (stories) as fact. Without those of us who live inside delusions created and given to us by others through the use of stories like religions, advertisements, false histories and the like the war profiteer would not be able to function. This would be the beginning of the end of war.

If everyone knew the facts about everything knowable – there would be little or nothing to fight about.

We might ask ourselves, “What do I know about what I believe?”

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