Fed Up With Earth People

Can’t help it. When I’m honest with myself, not wondering whether I’m doing the right thing, I really don’t like us.

I guess it’s that we keep repeating the past. We know what people are capable of. We know that given a chance some people will  do their best to make life hell for the rest of us. But we keep letting them. We don’t seem to get it. Or, we get it but don’t do what’s necessary to put a stop to it. Some of it is due to not being taught to insure the worst of us don’t take control.

The one thing the worst of us want most is control.  The best of us don’t seem to care about running the show.  Or the best wouldn’t mind running the show but are unwilling to do what it takes to gain control. What would the good people realistically have to do to wrest control from today’s corporate governments with their laws and armies?

Occasionally throughout history there have been opportunities for earth people have a better place to live. Maybe we had that here in the United States when things were starting out. We had a pretty tight constitution. A constitution that kept the worst of us from taking over. Then the constitution began to disintegrate because the best people stopped paying attention.

Where are the good guys and what are they doing? Does it matter what the good guys do? By good guys I mean those who don’t want to control others.

If I wasn’t so sick of earth people I’d suggest we stop cooperating with any established control systems. Any system of control was not established by the best people. I’d suggest we all stop prolonging and increasing the worlds agony – if I still cared what happened to us – but I don’t. I’m done trying to like us. We’re most likely to dumb and selfish to ever get free and stay free so I’m done caring one way or another.

I don’t know how long this not liking us will last. It may be permanent or it may not not. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. Even if I decide it’s better to care about us and get on the healing side again I know I won’t like us again. I’ll like individuals. Some kids, a few full grown people. But I can’t see myself liking us as a people. Wouldn’t it be sort of naive to think we’ll change enough and for long enough to be and stay better off? I might as well believe some magical story book character will come and save us from ourselves.

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