Fighters for memories

Most of us are like fighters for memories… here comes the fool saying that memories must go… “letting go”… The Apotheosis of the nothingness, an opiate for the temple of unintelligence…

How can an individual intelligently understand what the whole mental dynamic, psychologically, is all about… if such person decides to sink his or her own intelligence into a limbo of forgetfulness by “letting go” the memories of pain?

Memories are here and they are here to stay… but while an act of psychological cementification is that action of thinking through our memories… an act of high and elevated intelligence is that action of thinking with the memories, about the memories… without the construct of thought which generated the ideals, which generated the beliefs, which corrupted those memories…

Can Mind think about its own beliefs without the thoughts that created those beliefs?

Can Mind totally detoxicate its own memories from the contamination of beliefs?

This requires an immense act of intelligent introspectiveness combined with radical self observation… but it can be done only if the brain is willing to proceed detached from belief… otherwise the result will be nothing but conflict again… latent conflict: the manifested tendency to fight with each other in the name of belief, camouflaged by that so psycho-humanistically depriving quest that has been all over the place for millenia… which sounds like “Respect my beliefs”

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