Final assessment on human suffering and confusion

It seems I do this about once a year… this means either I forget that I did it the year before, or I forget what I came up with. I figured I’d write it down again… again

The way I see it is this…

All human suffering and confusion stems from fear. There are two major fears that most everybody deals with and both of them are people.

Specifically the stories circulated by people about the afterlife and the fear of each other in general.

We all know the stories: God and the Devil, Heaven and Hell, Peace and eternal life, Eternal suffering… Or some delineation of this theme

Our fear of people begins as soon as we learn that some people are scary. As we learn that every form of pain and suffering known to man is brought about by man: We fear each other because we know in every human relationship resides the potential for pain

I think it’s basically that simple. The source of confusion and suffering is fear and the source of fear is a justifiable fear of people

Now, what’s not so simple, or easy, is getting free of this fear. Especially since it’s been with us so long. Where is it? Can we get at it? Fix it? Reverse it? Ignore it?

So far, all I’ve got is recognizing it… and I can’t go back in time and watch the first scary person go all scary. So, there’s no origin of goofy story here. I can’t explain any possible genetic involvement… but what difference would knowing about a genetic glitch make to us today? We can’t un-flip the switch or rewrite the code.

The way I see it all we can do is find out what we’re doing and see if we can’t do something different.

… and of course, I might be wrong

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