Financial Health

I’m no financial guru but I have a recommendation regarding financial health and security.

Don’t get involved with governments

Wherever & whenever possible

  1. Don’t allow any governmental body to get it’s nose in your business
  2. Don’t enter into any contracts with them
  3. Don’t ask them for anything

It’s common knowledge that our federal government has been bought. It’s nothing more than a business, where the highest bidder gets to write laws and regulations for their own benefit. The same is probably true for most local governments.

We are back where we started as a country. The constitution only protects the people when the laws reflect, defend and protect the constitution. This wasn’t done and the constitution is now moot.

So if you can avoid any contact and contract with government and there associates (Banks, AMA, FDA et al) it is wise to do so. Go private: Local foods, local products, local credit unions etc..

Don’t buy crap

This should be obvious but we don’t seem to be a really bright nation. If you want to stop wasting thousands of dollars don’t buy disposable junk.

Plastic is pretty garbage. I repeat, plastic is garbage. When you buy plastic you buy garbage.

Glass containers are free with the purchase of many products. They are containers. Why do we throw them away and buy garbage to use as containers. Use the jars…

Utensils: again, plastic is garbage. We also run the risk of allowing toxic garbage into our homes since we don’t really know what the garbage is made from or by what process. Plastic is also a petroleum product.

An example of a smart purchase would be a cast iron skillet. If you buy a cast iron frying pan and learn how to use it your grand-kids can use it too. It will work as long as it is maintained. Maintaining a cast iron skillet is easy.

Don’t buy advertisements

I hardly watch TV because I don’t like waiting for ads. But I watch golf and get the weather so I see some ads. I was watching an ad for a bank credit card and I thought, “This is like a SNL skit, but it’s real”. Same thing for drug ads. They would make great comedy skits.

I also thought as I watched, “These ads are made for stupid people”. These companies think you’re stupid. They count it. Don’t be stupid. These companies, banks, financial advisers and the rest don’t care about you. They just want to make money off you. Don’t buy what you don’t need.

In fact “Don’t buy what you don’t need” might be the best financial advice anybody could give.


If you’re in a contract and you can get out – Get out.

All these home improvement shows coming out are just ads. One hour feel good ads. They’re all sponsored by people who will profit from you buying these ideas.

The people who own the governments of the world hate private property and are using financial systems default and military conquest to take control of private property across the globe.

Get out, before they get to you and yours. If you aren’t there when they come for you at least you won’t find yourself in the equivalent of debtor’s prison.

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