Finding the subconscious

If what we’re conscious of adds up to our current state of consciousness
Then it’s pretty easy to raise one’s consciousness to a higher state
… we’d simply learn more… gather more facts about our environment and so on

We could call our state of consciousness our image of the world. Everyone has a different image of the world dependent on what they’ve had the opportunity to learn

What we learn is consigned to history… others then learn from our personal and combined history. All around us we see historic mistakes being made… meaning they’ve been made before. Mistakes in judgment, misplaced belief or disbelief, mistaking the origins of problems and the workability of solutions… all could be avoided, if we took the opportunity to learn from our collective history, we’d experience a elevated state of consciousness

If our image of the world is merely a collection of information what then draws the image of our self? It’s surely information we’ve gathered about ourselves… information compiled as an image of what and who we think we are.

For these images, the consciousness is the easy part, the simple part, the at hand and in plain sight part of the thinking us. The harder study is the part hidden from consciousness. We named this the subconscious. We can not be aware of it, we can not be conscious of it… if we were conscious of it, it would cease to be the subconscious becoming instead part of the conscious realm.

How much of our self image is hidden from us… hidden in the subconscious? Say we decided that being aware of all that went into the compilation of our self image would be a better idea than leaving up to something we’re not even aware of. Say we decide we want to take control of our self image. How would we go about it? Where would we look? Where’s the history? Where’s the information stored?

It’s largely accepted that the self image runs things like whether we like ourselves, whether we feel complete, adequate as people or humans or things or whatever we think we are… in fact that, what we think we are, might be in the subconscious too. I don’t want to treat myself like I treat people I don’t like… that’s something to think about

In the world of people, is there anything more important than the self image?

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