Finding your sound

“…i was in the first years between childhood and adolescence of this body when i first listened this piece of music ….

my uncle (being a rich man traveling most of the time) since those times had a really huge archive of audiotapes, videos and the first music CDs in his big house …

and there …. in the house of nowhere, at those first steps of the unknown in front of the fire laying down on a chaise longue with huge headphones bigger than my head (while all the adults were out caring about the gossiped routine for the sake of the sundays) i started to listen between several amused to death pieces of outstanding music possible available at that time, this one as one of my repetitive one… i could not stop… going in a row for hours…

i could not get any english word at that time … and nobody would even tell me what was going on in those pieces of soundscores… between those lines… it was just me, the fire and the cold black leather chaise longue … living~feeling the unknown by the headphones…”

it was completely star dust

‘i had no idea’
(as Jodie Foster would say in Contact)

was me and the waves of space… as now in its eclipting emotions deed~*

‘the nights of wonder
the dawn mist glowing
the water flowing
the endless river

forever and ever
in a world of magnets and miracles’

~ Linda

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