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Nature, which we are part of, takes it’s time and has a system that works. Nature works as close to perfect as anything we can find.

As an intelligent part of nature wouldn’t we look at something that works really well and say, “Let’s do that”? Or at least be very leery of doing something at odds with nature? When I say this I’m talking about doing things at odds with natural processes like growing plants or eating.

What we really need to do, to live happy healthy lives, isn’t all that much. Although we can talk about a thousand and one forms – we mostly deal with Plants, Animals and Earth. Is there anything else that’s essential?

In the natural world people aren’t – all of a sudden sick – much. There are the things we catch, or pick up: colds, viruses etc. But nobody all of a sudden gets lung cancer. Most bad health is like that. Good health is like that too. We all start some place.

The bottom line for me as to “What Is Health” is feeling as good as I can for as long as I can for as little money as possible.

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