Following Orders Is Abnormal

There are a few things I see as real trouble makers for mankind. Following orders, doing what you’re told to do without question or the ability to option out is one of those serious trouble makers.

Recall some of the more insane atrocities committed by mankind “On Itself” throughout history. We have for example: The Crusades, The Holocaust, World Wars I, II, and III, Kent State, Minority suppression in the southern USA and the extermination of native populations around the planet.

In every case we have a crazy person, or a small group of crazies, who wants to act out some psychotic delusion on some part of mankind. The delusional reasons aren’t important since they formed in the mind of the insane parties. Left alone these insane people might end up stealing something or killing somebody. They would do what damage they were capable of doing – on their own.

What these people are capable of on their own probably wouldn’t amount to much in historic terms. The instigators of insane acts, like wars, physical suppression’s or genocide, usually won’t fight. Most of them are afraid of actually physically fighting.

The worst mass murderers and serial killers in history were and are, almost to a man, found in the political offices of churches and governments. From these offices they give the orders. Then any people willing to follow orders and commit the atrocities march off to do whatever wherever and whenever instructed. To me these obedient people are as insane as the crazy bastards giving the orders.

If we look at what is abnormal behavior we need always to observe children. Few kids are really good at doing what they’re told. They reach for the razor blade and we shout NO and see if we can get there before them. When we do and won’t let them slice themselves to pieces they get pissed off.

The point here is there are no natural born order takers. What little contact I’ve had with kids suggests we pretty much keep them alive until they’re old enough to understand languages and then we try and reason with them to see the world as we do. Now all those “We’s” see the world a little differently, or a lot differently, and so they work on the smaller people to make them in their own image.

So we start out telling the little people what to do mainly to keep them alive. Then we seek to shape them in our image – If we think that image best. So eventually we’ll also reason with the adolescent and if that doesn’t work we discipline them. What are we disciplining them for?

My own parents, who I see now were just 20 year old kids, went through this – See the world as we do ritual. My mom more than my dad. My dad was more like a bigger me and sometimes if I fucked with him enough he’d swat me. My mom used to talk and talk and talk to see if she could reason me into seeing the world as she did. I tried.

I liked my mom and dad so I did try to see things as they did. It never really stuck. I’m not them. I could, and would – learn things about things – If I was interested.

But I never got okay with being told what to do, what to think or believe. I’ve never followed an order I didn’t agree with ethically. Granted my ethics have developed and changed over the years. I have done many things I thought were wrong. But only once or twice did I follow others into something I didn’t – on some level – agree with.

How do people get to be okay with following orders? How do we make the transition from the natural state of not being okay with something to being okay with something? Time and time again we hear people say, “Well, it wasn’t something I wanted to do but I had my orders…”?

When I use the word transition I’m not talking about reason. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t reason things out and transition from a baby who’d crawl straight off a cliff edge to someone who has learned that some things aren’t to be done.

We should reason things out, examine things for ourselves and make decisions we think are best. What’s hard to fathom is how so many people – enough to staff a world war – made the decision to follow orders.

War is insane. Genocide is insane. Stealing resources (Imperialism) is insane. All who are involved in instigating these activities are psychotic. Following their orders, doing their bidding – all killing, persecuting, fighting or defending these insane people is also – Insane.

I’m pretty sure if we don’t stop making things up and buying into stories and ideas that others make up we’re doomed to fight, die, steal and basically live in fear till we eventually destroy ourselves – completely.

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