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Emerging evidence indicates that there is another powerful factor behind the scene that overrules and dictates your energy expenditure, metabolic rate, body fat percentage, physical shape and eventually your biological age.

That factor is the system that controls your hunger and satiety signals. According to this article, it has nothing to do with your calorie intake, but rather with what you eat and how often.

hunger-satiety hormones

Signals are integrated by centers in your brain to modulate how you consume, spend or store energy. The balance between these signals dictates whether your body is in a fat-burning or a fat-storing mode.

In order to maintain a healthy body weight, your hunger and satiety signals must continually adjust your food intake to your energy expenditure. Any imbalance between these two will affect your fat stores and physical shape. Obesity, for instance, is a result of a disrupted energy balance in which a surplus of accumulated food energy is stored as body fat.

Really? This isn’t really a new understanding but if you haven’t looked at it you’ll find it interesting…

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