Food, sex and fun

Life Naturally

Life is all about food, sex and fun. That’s all we need and all any of us really want.

Throw away the books, ditch the philosophy, strip all religious ideas from memory and what are we left with?

Renounce guilt, discard the dictates of governments, the yoke of authority, the shackles of rule and what’s left?
Food, Sex and Fun

If human beings were left to develop naturally these three things are all we really need or really want.

We all need food to live and we need to do what’s necessary to get it. If people leave each other alone, or stopped interfering with each other, and instead cooperated, the food thing is fairly easy. We only have to eat what’s available naturally to thrive.

Basically the earth is food, nourishment. This planet provides – we only need to eat what’s provided – easy. Fun…

We need sex to continue human life on earth. If left alone to develop naturally all but a handful of people like sex. Liking sex is good because it’s good for us.

Everybody likes to have fun. This should tell us something. This fact is screaming something at us. The key here is “All People”. Fun – All People.

What else do All People like?

Consider that building things is fun, inventing things and discovering things is fun. Being nice to each other is fun.

We might say all people like security. If left alone to develop naturally would all people like security? Would they want security enough to give up Food, Sex and Fun?

If the people of earth have any trouble getting food then there’s something foul going on. If sex is accompanied by any feelings other than “I like this” then some alien program is running. If people are made to earn fun, work so they can receive the reward of fun – is that natural?

Would that seem normal or okay to any people who developed naturally – free of manipulative programming?

If we be ourselves, follow our natural instincts and desires, at least we’ll live “our” lives. Be our own boss so to speak. That’s what I want. How about you?

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