Foods are either acidifying or alkalizing

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The Acidic and Alkaline Foods List: Taken from an article at; which has since vanished

acidifying or alkalizing is measured with a scale called the pH, which can range from 0 to 14, with a value of 7 corresponds to a neutral pH. ”

It ‘important to know how acidic and alkaline foods influence health, since the cells to function properly .. should be a slightly alkaline pH (slightly above 7).

In a healthy person, the blood pH is between 7.4 and 7:45.

If the pH of the blood of a person less than 7, goes into a coma.

Foods that acidify the body:

* Refined sugar and all its by-products. (It ‘the worst of all: no protein, no fat, no vitamins or minerals, only refined carbohydrates that crush the pancreas) Refined Sugar has a pH of 2.1 (very acidic)

* Meat. (All)

* Products of animal origin (milk and cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.)

* Refined salt.

* Refined flour and all its derivatives. (Pasta, cakes, cookies, etc.)

* Bread. (Most contain saturated fats, margarine, salt, sugar and preservatives)

* Margarine.

* Antibiotics * and medicine in general.

* Caffeine. (Coffee, black tea, chocolate)

* Alcohol.

* Tobacco. (Cigarettes)

* Antibiotics and medicine in general.

* Any food cooked. (Cooking eliminates oxygen by increasing the acidity of ‘food’)

* All processed foods, canned, containing preservatives, colorings, flavorings, stabilizers, etc..

The blood is ‘self-regulating’ constantly not to fall into metabolic acidosis thus ensure the proper functioning and optimize cellular metabolism.

The body has to get the basics dietary minerals to neutralize the acidity of the blood in metabolism, but all the foods mentioned above acidify the blood and soften the body.

The alkalizing foods:

* All raw vegetables. (Some are sour to the taste, but a reaction takes place inside the body is alkalizing.. “Others are a bit sour, however, provide the foundation necessary for the proper balance)

* Fruits, same thing. For example, the lemon has a pH of about 2.2, however, within the body has a highly alkaline. (Probably the most powerful of all)

* The fruits produce enough oxygen.

* Some seeds, such as almonds are strongly alkaline.

* Whole grains:

The only cereal millet is alkalizing. All others are slightly acid, however, since the ideal diet needs a percentage of acidity, it is good to consume some.

All grains should be eaten cooked.

Honey is highly alkalizing.

* The chlorophyll in plants is strongly alkaline.

* The water is important for the production of oxygen.

“The chronic dehydration is the main tension of the body and the root of most all degenerative diseases.” Lo says Dr. Batmanghelidj Feydoon.

* Exercise oxygenates the whole body.

Dr. George W. Crile, of Cleveland, one of the most respected surgeons in the world, openly declared: “All natural deaths calls are nothing more than the end point of a saturation of acidity in the body.”

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