For Those Who Are Truly Interested In Change

That’s Not A Brick, That’s Not My Head

question: What does it take to wake you up? Do you need to get hit on the head with a brick?

answer: Yes, I do.

action: Brick bashes head.

response: That wasn’t a brick.

There are people who absolutely refuse to see what’s going on right in front of them. These are not, I repeat, not, bad people. I’ve never met, heard, seen, read or watched anyone who was without their own peculiar – blind spots. I have blind spots. I can’t tell you what they are – obviously – that’s the whole point.

Here’s a common blind spot, shared by millions of people. 9-11 was not a controlled demolition. This is the best example of a blind spot one could ever find. While there is legitimate argument over who is responsible for 9-11, a controlled demolition is a controlled demolition – period. This is a truly fascinating case study into man’s ability to create his own reality.

I guess we could say that blind spots are subconscious security systems. If you watch the video of the controlled demolitions on 9-11 and see controlled demolitions then you’ll be subject to a lot of scary stuff. Watching the same demolition video and not seeing a demotion means – safer. Terrorism is far less scary than a tyrannical government. Or a government controlled by tyrants.

A True Interest In Change

The main reason the United States of America are in the condition they’re in today is – the majority of the people who live here are really not interested in a real change. This is as unarguable as the video of the 9-11 demolitions. But that doesn’t mean everyone can see it. And that doesn’t make them bad people. It’s fear.

In order for people to bring about a real change they have to be willing to face their fears. This unwillingness to face fear is the root of apathy, denial, blind spots, hate, dependence and so on.

The Co-opted Activist

What once was concern over issues can easily become – just another business.

How many people make a living off of the social networks that exist under the banner of activism? How many people would give up their profitable online business for change – when real change would make their “activist” business obsolete?

The powers that be (the tyrants that rule over you) like all those activist websites. They know that there is no threat there and besides – it keeps people occupied. It keeps people from really making changes, in themselves, or in their country. When they become a real threat, they’ll be dealt with.

If you want to change things – find something you can change – and change it.

The Instructions For Change Can Be found In The Dairy Section

Go to most dairy sections of most major food store. What you’ll see is – “Organic” – “Our chickens are raised on natural feeds” – “No Gmo’s” – “No Rbht” – “No pesticides and limited processing” – and other labels like this.

Why are these items there? The one and only reason we’re seeing this, fairly wide, selection of organic type products is – people were willing to change. People changed, and the targeted companies – had to – accommodate them. When people really change, when they change their behavior, companies have no choice but to change accordingly. These – changed people – spoke the language all markets understand – they stopped buying.

So, if you want things to change things, first you must face the fear of that change. Finding that fear and facing that fear is up to you. The second thing to do is change all you can. Want to stop sweat shops in wherever? Stop buying the product. (Are you scared to stop wearing Nike?) Want to break the Big Pharma/FDA/Insurance sickcare monopoly? Stop buying drugs. Do what’s necessary to be healthy. Become totally responsible for everything you possibly can and kick the habit of dependence. This includes depending on others to change things for you.

And finally, bring a friend. Take on the task of getting one other person to look at things clearly, to see what’s in front of them and to take the appropriate action. Do this and become twice the force for change.

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