Freedom from consciousness

The specificity of the individual human mind is and must be self centered, despite of what the so called wises said for millenia.. up to the modern mantra; “kill your ego” which is present at school, among new age rhetorical confabulations and misty motivational algorithms of all kind, not to mention religious teachings..

The specificity of the individual human mind is and must be self centered, in self-orientation, which doesn’t mean egotistic or opportunist, nor individualistic and petty.. not at all (these are mere consequences of a deranged psyche which unfortunately are everywhere, regardless of the culture)..

A self-centered psyche is an intelligent psyche, a mind that feeds its natural need of psychological survival in complete non violent balance..

The intelligent mind, which is the mind who has no guides, nor that clings to some authority, neither the mind who sinks in structures of thinking, whether idealistic, religious, moralistic or spiritual whatsoever..

It’s psychologically pathless.. do not get caught in the superficial factors (ie the pictures of “what can I do?”, “what can I become?”, “how can I be a good and a better person?”) but rather it lives, thinks and operates in complete freedom from the contents of consciousness..

In an actual human scenario in which most of people “want to become more conscious” .. the very nature of intelligence, instead, responds to the exact opposite: freedom from consciousness

…because consciousness is the whole spectrum of layers and patterns and psychological images (plus their related opinions which are all psycho-socially & culturally conditioned) .. which shapes what the mind has agglomerated, individually and historically.. which then became the coagulation of mental structure through which, disgracely, the classic second-hand mind operates everyday.. no matter the field of operations in which the second hand mind works.. whether political, habitual, religious, new age, whatever ..

Along thousands of attempts aimed to find out the “who are we ?”.. which is a question that carries, (because of its very nature), the ”psychosocial blood” of silliness and futility.. (due to the fact that such question always grows from a pretentious territory, {which in turn originates from the historical human confusion}) very few have been able (and willing) to denote that “who we are” is nothing but what we have been coagulating for years and centuries of cultural influences and that’s what we call “consciousness”

Therefore it’s obvious that psychological freedom, which results in evolution of intelligence, cannot represent itself as a response of consciousness.. being consciousness, without its understanding, the very mere corrupter of freedom..

This is not philosophy, nor theory: it’s history and factuality…

There is not such thing as “free consciousness”: consciousness is by its very nature: conditioned!

Freedom cannot grow from free will, cannot be a pretension, not at all.. ’cause free will grows from the conditioned coagulation of patterns we all contribute to feed each single day by fomenting it through all of our conditioning’s..

There is not, therefore, such thing as free will..

Intelligence can exclusively effloresce wherever there is not processes of interference made by consciousness

Consciousness is an inevitable database we have to carry.. as well: it’s a cognitive treasure..

But one matter is the act of thinking “with” consciousness as a mnemonic & essential companionship..
Another is the act of thinking “through” consciousness as a conditioned catalyst of reality no matter the matter such catalyst is made of.. which can be religious, spiritual, idiotic, political, calibrated on complete exploiter and manipulative nonsenses and so on (it will all always results in messy outcomes…)..

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