Freedom From Illusion

One of the best books I ever read, and continue to read, is Krishnamurti’s “Freedom From The Known”. The book got me started on the search for the self determined path.

My point here that much of what we think we know may be but illusion. Ilusions are easily collected and incorporated into our psyche. The reason for this susceptibility to illusion and deception is we are also looking for something.

People are always looking for something to hold on to. The key word here would be Security, something we can count on. When there is nothing found – we invent things or become susceptable to the inventions of others.

Our need for something to cling to, count on or depend on, seems to be as instinctual a tendency as can be seen in human behavior.

In my own life I’ve pursued this too. Eventually I found nothing although there was the hint of promise along the way. As it stands today I find the Earth as dependable as anything. The Universe has been around for while (As far as I know). From the thoughts of man, the one seemingly in need of permanance, nothing long lasting is wrought.

I’ve often womdered why we, looking for something solid, look for stability in new ideas. There new, untested and unreliable by nature. There is the very old, what we might call old truths, that have stood the test of time. Why would the grasping ignore these long lived Budha?

Some teaching refers to this lookign for something to hold on to Seeking Ground. We are the only solid thing to hold on to. I am all I can count on. “I” stand upon the Earth. This is what I’ve found.

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